Friday, March 13, 2009

Stepping Out into The Sunlight

I know I have been negligent in writing as I feel as if I have been living Plato's Allegory of the Cave, defeated, chained to the wall, drinking the Kool-Aid and watching the shadow people determine my reality. There were moments that I turned my head in dissent only to be made to feel as if I was caught double dipping at a cocktail party. I worked and avoided political conversation, knowing it would lead only to arguments, as the opposition knows no decorum in debate. I found myself feeling alone in my personal political misery, defeated. Sure, I could tune into Greta and she might have a piece on Sarah Palin, or I might listen to Alex Jones tell me the fault for the crisis lie in a group of secret people who did secret things in secret places. But it did little to help my despair. I contemplated buying a cabin in the mountains of WV, where I would raise honey bees, grow whatever one would grow, watching comedies on blue ray and live alone in the solitude of my political beliefs knowing that I must have been bred of an alien race that had a history of constitutions, founding fathers and tea. Just as I was packing up my mental U-Haul, I heard a voice, a voice of compassion and humor; it was Glenn Beck on Fox. He told me I was not alone. Thank god I have now found my alien relatives born of a race that believed in the god given right to life, liberty and pursuit of without being forced to share, but willing too if so inspired. Check it out; it may make you feel better,

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