Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Staph, Liars, Ellen and Ducks

Hi World...

I have four things to address:
  • Staph Epidemic
  • Liar, Liar, Liar
  • 3
  • "I love my duck"

Ok, Number 1

I watch Fox News religiously, because I think the girls are hot. But...from Fox and Friends to Cavuto, they have been acting as if the US world is suffering from some sort of staph epidemic. Let me tell you, a half a decade ago, they told us we were taking to many antibiotics, so anyway...

Number 2

You are such an amazing liar.

Number 3...I remembered

Ellen, you are amazing!

Number 4

I met a guy who is love with his long lost me, it was scary at times, but...nope still scary. It reminded me of driving late one night from Chicago to Virginia, listening to late night A.M. radio, I think the concept was micro-penis.

Costa Rica, ah the rainy season, some say they want to leave, some complain about the roads, but damn, it amazingly green and because there is nothing to do, but drink beer, well, there is always "duck love."

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