Monday, October 22, 2007

Just Emotional Drama..

My Horoscope: Your daily routine may be disturbed today by an unavoidable emotional drama. You are pulled one way then another and it's hard to tell what's really happening. Forget about attempting to use your common sense, for this is an irrational time and can be quite exciting if you don't get too stuck on being so serious.

I am far from being serious! I am the wicked one who tries desperately to help people, maybe cause it makes me feel better...I learned something though...helping people, maybe little people, doesn´t take alot. You know it kills me, literaly I get so amazingly sad, when they (meaning FoxNews) talks about those little babies in Africa. Kills me...I am done..anyway, I found out I can´t save the world, but I can help my little piece of it. So, Christmas is coming, and there is a whole bunch of Costa Rican little babies that need our help. Can you help? Today I tried to help.

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